The twenty acre farm in the Northeast Province of Haiti is a partnership between Friends of Fort Liberte’ and the Jerusalem Baptist Church. The farm not only provides food to the residents of Fort Liberte’ and the surrounding community, but also provides employment which brings self esteem.

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A long time dream is being realized with the development of a farm on land donated to the church many years ago. First came the education of a farmer, Celius St. Fleur, who graduated from Limbe in 2007 with a degree in Agronomy. In 2009, a farmhouse was completed by visiting work teams, and the land began  producing a little food. Then came a Farm Committee, headed up by the determined Suzie Legg. What has followed seems almost a miracle- wells drilled, abundant water found underneath the dry ground, drip irrigation kits donated one at a time, solar panels, pumps, a successful chicken project, livestock, expansion- and now a bunkhouse for the farmhands. Every dime donated to the Farm Project is put to amazing use, providing what is needed most in Haiti- jobs and food.

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