The twenty acre farm in the Northeast Province of Haiti is a partnership between Friends of Fort Liberte’ and the Jerusalem Baptist Church. The farm not only provides food to the residents of Fort Liberte’ and the surrounding community, but also provides employment which brings self esteem 

CeliusThroughout the three growing seasons, crops that are a staple of the Haitian culture are sold at the local market. Some of the most sought after crops are plantain, peppers, beans, pumpkins, pineapple, papaya, and limes. For the last several years, our farm has distributed thousands of plants to the congregation of the JBC. The poultry project is ongoing and thriving with 1,300 live chickens sold at the market every 45 days.  The newly constructed laying house provides shelter for our laying hens.  Their eggs provide much needed nutrition to the community.   Under the watchful care of the beekeeper, there are 30 bee hives from which the honey is harvested each year.  We are currently adding hives to the apiary which will add to the production of honey.  A pilot project for the farm is the construction of fish tanks in which we will raise and sell tilapia.

There have been great strides at the farm, but there are hopes and dreams of expansions and additional projects.

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