Eben-Ezer Medical Clinic

The very presence of Eben-Ezer Medical Clinic is a great FFL success story. Built up from an annual makeshift event in a condemned building, it has become a functioning community resource. In the early 90s, only local patients came but now hundreds seek care from miles around. At first, only simple needs could be met such as cuts, burns or infections. Now many treatments are available including special clinics for 300-500 hypertension/diabetic patients, along with lab work, medications, and education, which has earned Eben-Ezer recognition for outstanding chronic disease care.  

Each weekday, patients line up first for songs and prayers, then to be seen and receive appropriate medications and supplies. Compared with what used to be, this truly is a great accomplishment - but so much more is needed.  

  • Inventory is usually just a few weeks or even days from depletion
  • Basic diagnostic services such as x-ray are still unavailable locally 
  • The small clinic lab offers only the most basic tests and equipment is difficult to maintain.  
  • Outreach clinics are needed to reach those unable to get into town  
  • The clinic building needs expansion to accommodate the increased patient load.  A separate treatment area and an area for overnight care are needed
  • Someday - a birthing center for those forced to give birth in terrible home situations

Imagine living in Haiti without access to the most basic over-the-counter meds, unable to treat your children for simple infections or colds that might turn into pneumonia. Eben-Ezer Clinic is completely dependent on the faithful friends who provide nearly $400 a day just to maintain present clinic services. If you can join the struggle, please do. With your help, Eben-Ezer Clinic will continue to be able to step into the gap between helplessness and hope for many of the most needy people in the world.

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