Jericho Village

Many elderly Haitians live in makeshift huts of sticks and mud. These homes are small with
dirt floors and leaky roofs; some ready to collapse. We have built five duplexes with a goal of building 5 more in order to provide housing for 20 or more elderly Haitians in need of safer and drier homes. These duplexes, built on property owned by the Jerusalem Baptist Church of Ft. Liberte, are adjacent to the Jericho outpost church.

Help us replace the current dwellings with new, safer, and drier places to live.

The Jericho Outpost Church and Village serves the rural community of Bayaha. To date we have a installed a well and have had local Haitian builders construct bathrooms, a community kitchen, and 5 duplexes. Eight residents and a full time cook are currently living in the village but due to limited funds to cover the cost to meet daily essentials, the duplexes are not fully occupied.  Those needing this housing have little to no means of supporting themselves so food and other daily necessities need to be covered.

Our goal is to finance the completion of the duplexes and develop a method of providing for the daily needs of the village. The current residents have already started planning crops and fruit trees. A unique aspect about this project is that 100% of the money donated goes directly into the Haitian economy, buying building products, and employing laborers, masons, and carpenters. Food is typically locally grown and purchased from the market. This project has and will continue to put Haitians to work and provide housing and food for elderly Haitians. A Haitian proverb, “Piti, piti, wazo fe nich li” translates to “Little by little, the bird builds its’ nest”. Every little bit helps. Will you help us finish building nests and/or help feed these elderly Haitian villagers?

The current estimate to feed the residents is $50/month/person which will provide two meals and help pay the salary of the cook who lives onsite and helps residents with other daily needs. Perhaps you would consider adopting one of these folks to help make their lives just a little bit better.

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