Kinship Care

A Unique Program

The kids of the former orphanage:

After twenty years of caring for kids in an orphanage setting, in 2018, FFL shifted care of the children into preferable family home settings, often with relatives in their home of origin communities, and closed the orphanage. 

So do we need sponsors?

Yes!  Consistent sponsorship of this special band of children is what enables them to remain in school, and for their caregivers to continue their care within their homes.  Sponsorship also enables older children to continue in a trade school, or, for some, university.  

Why would you want to be a sponsor?

Believing that children thrive best within a family, not in an institution, it is our commitment to these children to continue financial support, but in their individual family setting.  Many of our kids had the same sponsor for years but changing circumstances concluded that period of coverage for them.  We always need new sponsors to fill the gaps left by their former sponsors.    

We welcome you to join us, too!

Financially support a former orphan as she continues her education in a Haitian family setting. Mesi anpil!


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