We believe that the best hope for change in Haiti is in education for the children. The Jerusalem Baptist Church demonstrated a committment to education back in the 1960's when it founded the Eben-Ezer School. Starting with first grade and adding one class per year, the school began with 60 students. Now, hundreds of students from pre-school through secondary attend school at Eben-Ezer. The Friends of Fort Liberte supports the school in many ways.


Child sponsors allow children to go to school who might otherwise not have the means neccesary. We currently have over 500 children in our program. They each receive $35.00 per month, allowing their families to pay for tuition, clothes, shoes, school supplies and supplemental food. The leaders of the Jerusalem Baptist Church select the children for the program and distribute the support monthly.


People often ask, "When the kids finish school, what is next?" To help with that enormous problem, a Higher Education Fund has been established. It enables deserving students to go beyond secondary school for either university or vocational training. Starting with just a few students, the number will be expanded as funding increases. Gifts of any amount can be contributed to the fund which is distributed to the educational costs of all the scholarship students. The Education Committee at the Jerusalem Baptist Church is responsible for choosing the students and monitoring their progress.

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