Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and as a result, Haitians are chronically undernourished. "I am hungry" and "Give me one dollar" are the first things most visitors are faced with when they come to Haiti. Gifts of all sizes are pooled together and sent each month to Fort Liberte to support food programs.


The lunch program at the Eben-Ezer School is supplemented by the money collected in the Feed My Lambs fund. This money comes from everywhere- individuals, schools, vacation bible schools, and special fundraisers. Any donation earmarked "food" goes into this program to help feed hungry children. Food money is raised by the Christmas trip group to host a large New Year's Day dinner for hundreds and hundreds of children in the community. Feed My Lambs also provides meals for Vacation Bible School each summer. The church uses the fund to alleviate hunger as it sees the need.


The Jerusalem Baptist Church, on its' own, built a home for "elder orphans"  who have no one to care for them,which we have fondly re-named the "Grandparents House". The church used to provide a little food for them as they could, but in 2016, a group of elder loving visitors worked with Pastor Dasnis to see what was really needed. Now, they have a cook who prepares two meals per day, and they are thriving. Our budget went from $150.00 per month to $705.00! It's a big challenge, but we hope there are a lot of you who want to help us not only Feed our Lambs, but Feed our Sheep, too. A gift of any amount is welcomed and greatly appreciated! 


A long time dream is being realized with the development of a farm on land donated to the church many years ago. First came the education of a farmer, Celius St. Fleur, who graduated from Limbe in 2007 with a degree in Agronomy. In 2009, a farmhouse was completed by visiting work teams, and the land began  producing a little food. Then came a Farm Committee, headed up by the determined Suzie Legg. What has followed seems almost a miracle- wells drilled, abundant water found underneath the dry ground, drip irrigation kits donated one at a time, solar panels, pumps, a successful chicken project, livestock, expansion- and now a bunkhouse for the farmhands. Every dime donated to the Farm Project is put to amazing use, providing what is needed most in Haiti- jobs and food.


Coming along side Haitians to raise food is the most ideal situation, but we are often overwhelmed by the pressing hunger and malnutrition of moment. Like church pantries here in the US, the Jerusalem Baptist Church loves to help the most poor and hungry have some relief as they can. To that end, Brenda Rosier of Grafton, W. Va. has partnered with Pastor Dasnis and the church deacons to raise money to buy rice, beans, oil and spaghetti to be distributed among the poor and hungry. The April group from Clarksburg has been able to take part in some of the distributions, and bear witness to the wrenching poverty that still exists at the outposts and beyond. If you would like to give to Rice and Beans, or if your group would like to raise money for a food distribution, just let Pastor Dasnis and he will work to make that happen.

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