From its rough beginning of a few volunteers and a trunk load of meds set up once a year in a dilapidated building, the EBEN-EZER CLINIC has developed into a functioning community resource with its own building and full-time Haitian medical team.  For more than 20 years, Friends of Fort Liberté teams and supporters have worked to provide  medical care for people with none.  In many ways, the clinic is a great success.  Long time visitors note an improvement in the general health of the whole Fort Liberté area and the clinic has been recognized by the Haitian Government for providing the most consistent care in the northern region for chronic disease patients.

Every weekday morning since its opening in 2004, patients have lined up on the clinic porch for songs and prayers, then for care.  This is such blessing when compared to our starting place, but more is needed.  Meds and supplies are usually just a few weeks or even days from depletion.  Diagnostic tools such as ultra-sound and x-ray are not available and our clinic lab is very limited.  Many people outside town cannot get in to clinic at all and satellite clinics are needed for them.   Overall, clinic space and services need to be expanded to include a separate treatment area, space for overnight care and, someday, a birthing center.  

Medical care has grown at Eben-Ezer Clinic and many good things do happen there but the reach of our clinic can only be as far as friends will help us stretch.  Think what it would be like to function every day without your medicine cabinet – in Haiti.  Patients there have few means to even prevent infection in simple cuts or treat colds that might become pneumonia.  It costs about $300 a day just to maintain present services, but more is needed   With your help, the Eben-Ezer Clinic can step into the gap between helplessness and help for those in need.

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