Christmas Food Distribution

As the holidays approach and we prepare for our own gatherings and celebrations, we come to ask you to share your abundance with the poor, with those in and around our beloved little town of Fort Liberte. 
Pastor Dasnis Pierre has shared that what he would most like to do in December is have a big food distribution for the poorest people, both in the town and among the outposts, and for all the sponsored children. The saying "things have gone from bad to worse" doesn't begin to capture what is happening in Haiti right now with an unstable government, worsening violence, escalating inflation and now, a severe fuel shortage. As always, those already suffering bear the worst of it. Everyone needs help, so whatever you can spare will be a blessing to those who desperately need a hand up. 
Pastor Don Skidmore in Clarksburg, W.Va. is spearheading a drive in his area to raise $10,000.00 to provide food for the outposts where we often work. We'd like to propose a challenge to the rest of us to raise another $10,000.00 to feed as many people as possible in town as well! Please give soon and as generously as you can so we can get the money wired to Pastor Dasnis in time for food distributions before Christmas.


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