The Agape Pavilion

Let's raise the roof!

Goal Amount: $10,000
$4,955 Until Funded

We have made great progress on the new school lunch pavilion at the Eben-Ezer Primary School! The Pavilion is now ready for a sturdy roof, providing shelter from sun and rain.

Our group from Charlottesville, VA has put together a team of skilled builders, ready to go and complete the project at the end of October. We need to raise about 10,000.00 to finish construction. 

Pastor Dasnis Pierre gave us some vision for what this structure will mean to both the school and the Jerusalem Baptist Church:

"On behalf of the board of the church and the school, we would like to say thank you to those who have been very generous to the school pavilion project. When it is completed, we will be able to create a community life among the students at the school. They will be able to learn proper manners and protocols regarding eating at the table. We will also be able to use it for other church gatherings such as the Harvest Festival to create fellowship among pastors and other Christians. It will be the Agape Pavilion, a place of love and sharing."

Can you help make a place at the table for everyone?
Pastor Dasnis says 250-300 children will have lunch there every day. Could you give an extra $40.00 to put the roof over one of the children? Or $400.00 to shelter a whole table of 10!
We’d love to make finishing the eating Pavilion our very special Back to School offering to the students at Eben-Ezer primary school this year! Let's raise the roof! 

"And they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers...and day by day, breaking their bread together, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God." Acts 4:42;46

Eben-Ezer School

We believe that the best hope for change in Haiti is in education for children. The Jerusalem Baptist Church demonstrated a commitment to educaion back in the 1960’s when it founded the Eben-Ezer School. Starting with first grade and adding one class per year, the school began with 60 students. Now, hundreds of students from pre-school through secondary attend school at Eben-Ezer. The Friends of Fort Liberte supports the school in many ways.

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