Welcome Friends!

Byenveni—welcome to our new site! Friends of Ft. Liberté is a collection of friends in Haiti and the United States working together to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, relieve hunger and homelessness, provide medical and educational support, and help people achieve their full potential in the town of Ft. Liberté, Haiti.

In partnership with the Jerusalem Baptist Church in Haiti, Friends of Ft. Liberté develops and supports projects to advance the wellbeing of our Haitian brothers and sisters. Since the early 1980s, we have worked together to establish a primary and secondary school, a child-sponsorship program, an elder home, the Eben-Ezer Health Clinic, and most recently the Eben-Ezer Farm. Though the needs remain great, over three decades of friendship we have seen health and education improve in our small town, giving us hope as God enables us to continue the work.

We welcome you to explore our new site to learn more about our history and hopes and the work currently going forward in Ft. Liberté.   

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