If you build it...

The sun beats down, heat and the scent of warm earth reflected back, with barely a breeze to rustle the leaves on the papaya trees. All around the landscape variegated by the green of tropical plants—broad leaved plantain trees and creeping pumpkin vines. Welcome to the Eben-Ezer Farm.

The Eben-Ezer Farm feeds the poorest of the poor of in Fort Liberté and the surrounding community in the northeast province of Haiti. From providing locally produced food to supplying meaningful employment, the Eben-Ezer Farm is one way we’re working with our Haitian friends towards our vision of a poverty-free Fort Liberté.  

The farm has made great strides over the past several years: in addition to growing staple crops like plantain, peppers, beans, and pumpkins, the farm also raises chickens for market and maintains 30 honey-producing bee hives.

To care for the farm, Friends of Fort Liberté and the Jerusalem Baptist Church employ two agronomists, two agronomist technicians, and laborers who are educated and willing to work. This summer, we hired our first summer intern who is an Agronomy student at the local university. All of these people are dreaming and working to make their homeland a better place.

"This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."
Psalm 118:23

The current need at our farm is to furnish the newly constructed bunkhouse and stock the kitchen. With the completion of the bunkhouse, the Jerusalem Baptist Church will also hire a cook to provide hot nutritious meals for the laborers who work so hard. Following the example of Christ, we are endeavoring to provide food and shelter for our Haitian brothers and sisters who are working at the farm. We hope you will prayerfully consider donating to this project, which will provide housing for our permanent employees as well as temporary workers who are hired during heavy harvest seasons.

One hundred percent of all donations will support the Eben-Ezer Farm in Ft. Liberté, Haiti. You can give directly here.

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