Grandparents House

The Grandparents House (Granparan Kay in Creole) is an elderly housing program established by the Jerusalem Baptist Church (JBC) many years ago to help provide for elderly who had no family and no means of support. In past years, FFL has been involved to a limited extent but more recently we are working to develop a more robust program to help these “elder orphans” with their daily needs. Previously, the monthly stipend was based on available funds and typically $150 US was sent monthly to help with expenses and give the residents a small amount to buy their own food.  In 2016 the FFL began to focus more on the real need and along with input from Pastor Dasnis, a monthly budget goal of $705 has been established. This amount  provides a job for a part time cook who prepares two hot meals daily for the grandparents. They are so much more happy and healthy! In addition, a small cash stipend is given to each which is believed to be important to the residents’ feeling of independence. Visiting medical teams usually pay a visit to the Grandparents to give wellness check ups and provide medications as needed. More monthly sponsors are needed to meet the budget and keep this much improved situation going. 

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