As groups have become more familiar with Fort Liberte, more and more Special Projects have emerged to meet the needs that are witnessed. One group has raised funds for the past several years to hire Haitian crews to dig wells to provide safe water where there was none. Another church is building a new outpost church at the nearby small village of Durac. A sound system was provided for the Jericho outpost at Bayaha. Groups have partnered with the leadership of the church to provide Rice and Bean distributions in severely impoverished areas, as well as providing clothing for the poor. Drip irrigation and solar energy panels have been installed at the Farm. Sturdy houses have been constructed for needy grandmothers caring for orphaned children. Soccer balls and used uniforms have been collected by teenagers in the US as they have witnessed the national passion for futbol! The years of involvement and personal friendship with Pastor Dasnis Pierre and the JBC church leadership allows for a lot of creativity. We try to come alongside where the Lord is leading the thoughts and hearts of those who go.

People of all ages and skill levels work together along with our Haitian friends and the US group leaders. 

If you'd like to know more about some of the current and ongoing small projects, you can contact us using the form below.

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