Since 1975, work groups have traveled to Fort Liberte several times a year. The trip projects vary according to the current need, but usually involve building projects, medical clinics, as well as health, educational and church projects. Each spring, at least one of trips includes photographing and maintaining records on all of our sponsored children. 

The heart of our organization has always been friendships that form between those who go on trips together and with the Haitian friends they meet. Child sponsors have a chance to meet and visit in the home of the child they sponsor. The skills and interests of the people who make up the groups help form the purpose of the particular trip. Doctors, nurses, pastors, musicians, contractors, electricians, plumbers, teachers, farmers and youth have all found they have something to give- and even more to gain- from the experience of seeing Haiti. You will never see life the same way again.

Trips are organized in several states each year, usually sponsored by a local church. If you are interested in joining an existing trip, or forming a group, please fill out the contact form below.

To see a list of upcoming trips, click here.

Covid-19 Update:  

In agreement with the Church Board of the Jerusalem Baptist Church and Pastor Dasnis Pierre, the Board of Directors of the Friends of Fort Liberte has suspended all current plans for trips. We will not resume until the coronavirus pandemic has resolved to the point that US visitors to Haiti would not endanger our friends in Haiti by carrying the virus there, and that our travelers would also be safe. We have not set a specific time frame, but we know all the 2020 trips are cancelled and we anticipate it will be well into 2021 before trips can be scheduled again. We will monitor developments and stay in touch with Trip leaders, who can then communicate with their members.

Stay Informed